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Since 2017, NLA has established itself as the premier Old Skool agency.

The agency has organically grown in leaps and bounds, along the way collecting a veritable who's who of foundation DJs, MCs and producers from the scene.

With 30 years music industry experience, the staff at NLA know exactly the kind of first class service that DJs/artists and club promoters/venues demand.

The international growth of the NLA Agency in 2017 was so rapid that we now have representatives in the USA, Australia, Brazil, Berlin and Barcelona. This makes the job of sending our team of world class DJs across all four quarters of the globe smoother for all involved.

Glastonbury, Boomtown, Bangface, Pukklepop, Bestival, Beat Herder, BLOC, LakeFest and Field Maneuvres and Berghain are just a handful of festivals/venues that have booked their DJs through NLA and our network of world-wide festival and club promoters grows weekly.


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Fast Eddie

Creator of an original Chicago sound, DJ Fast Eddie has become a hip-house legend in the music scene. His popular house grooves synchronized with rhythms made him a musical phenomena all over the globe. Today he masterminds a new vibe of deep house grooves accompanied by penetrating bass lines. Chicago 1999 is a rare debut of DJ Fast Eddie's new soundscript.

Fast Eddie needs no introduction At least, not for anyone who has tracked house music. He is as integral to the house movement as Marshall Jefferson, Todd Terry, and Kevin Saunderson. Why? In the wake of acid-house, Eddie coined a new musical style that he titled HIP-HOUSE. By fusing house tempo beats with old-skool hip hop percussion and rhyming, Eddie set the standard for this new genre, challenged only by Doug Lazy and Kool Rock Steady ( RIP ).

Tyree Cooper

Tyree Cooper was part of the first House music revolution. His contribution to House and Hip House widened the appeal of House music worldwide.

Growing up on the streets of Chicago’s South Side, listening to Farley Jackmaster Funk or The Hot Mix 5, Ronny Hardy and the electrifying energies of Frankie Knuckles, from his mums and uncles collection Tyree was well schooled at an early age. Two years after college Tyree was already one of the most popular and highly sought after DJs in Chicago. Then Vince Lawrence, of the House band Jesse’s Gang (founded by Jesse Saunders) persuaded Tyree to put together a demo tape of his music to start a career as a recording artist.

Altern 8

Formed in the embryonic pre rave days of 1990 by one of the biggest names in UK Dance Music: Mark Archer and his then musical partner Chris Peat. The duo originally recorded together under the name Nexus 21, influenced heavily by the early techno sound of Detroit.

As the the Rave movement took root in countless illegal parties up and down the UK, The duo embraced the anonymity that (the now iconic) ‘A’ marked face masks and chemical warfare suits gave them, allowing them to perform live on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans whilst eluding arrest and staying one step ahead of the law, eager to crush the defiant spirit of Rave and the forces behind it.

Mark Archer

It all started back in 1988, when Mark Archer cut his teeth with Rhythm Mode D then moving on to form Bizarre Inc. in 1989 Although, he didn’t stick around long with the band, Archer received massive critical acclaim – and a few chart placings – for his second project, Nexus 21. It was while Nexus 21 were dabbling with some of the harder Belgian sounds around at the time, that Network Records owner Neil Rushton suggested the formation of a second act, so that some of this hardcore dance could be unleashed… Altern 8 were born!


Biog to follow.

Renegade Soundwave

Musician, DJ, producer, soundtrack composer. Founder member of Renegade Soundwave, UK electronic music pioneers at the forefront of the original electronica explosion of the late 80s/ 90s with seminal tracks such as The Phantom, Ozone Breakdown, Women Respond To Bass and Probably A Robbery and the ground breaking LP RSW In Dub. RSW name-checked as a primary influence on artists such as The Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers and on the jungle, rave, breaks and alternative scenes. Danny’s production and remix credits include international artists like Depeche Mode, Cypress Hill, Grace Jones, Aswad, Radiohead, Moby and Orbital as well as countless underground gems. Danny Briottet continues to DJ globally playing his unique mix of old-school flavours and dub- influenced sounds from breaks & bass through dubbed-deep house to downtempo vibes, depending on the setting, and hosts The ElectroScope Show on London’s ultra-hip Soho Radio, mashing up electronic music from the 70s to the present.

2 Bad Mice

Formed in 1991, 2 Bad Mice (the name originating from The Tale of 2 Bad Mice by Beatrix Potter) are
widely credited as among the first UK hardcore acts to begin heavily incorporating breakbeats into the style.

Consisting of members Sean O'Keeffe, Simon Colebrooke and producer Rob Playford (owner of Moving Shadow records), 2 Bad Mice were a staple on the early-to mid 90s hardcore scene and were instrumental in the music's steady mutation into jungle / drum & bass.

Their influential approach to sampled beats - cutting them up into shards of rhythm and rearranging them in novel combinations (first appearing in mature form on the 1992 hit 'Bombscare') is generally considered the blueprint from which jungle's characteristic manipulation of breaks was assembled.

Frank De Wulf

Biog to follow.

T99 (Olivier Abbeloos)

Olivier Abbeloos was born in Aalst, Belgium on January 18th 1969. He was always interested in music and started to learn how to DJ at age of 13 when he received a DJ set-up from his parents. He started producing at the age of 17 when he amused himself by making mega-mixes on two track recorders.

His first project was L&O "Even Now", but wasn't credited on the release. His first project together with Patrick De Meyer was The Beat Machine. His first successful project was Quadrophonia, together with Lucien Foort. T99 was first started by Patrick De Meyer, releasing three solo works. Patrick later heard Abbeloos working on a track called "Anasthasia" and proposed Abbeloos to release it as T99. Abbeloos agreed if from that point on they were a group by the name of T99. They later went on together to produce their only album "Children Of Chaos".

Baby D

Baby D's early singles between 1991 and 1994 were huge underground hits but were not known to mainstream pop although two of them scraped the lower end of the top 75. “Let Me Be Your Fantasy” was the exception, having been released on the legendary “Production House” label in1992 it continued to be a steady seller hanging around the bottom half of the unpublished Top 200 for two years and clocking up sales of 40,000. London Records then signed the track in 1994 and on re-release entered the charts at number 3 and then spent two weeks at number 1 selling nearly half a million copies.

In the summer of 1995 Baby D reached number 3 with their version of the Korgis' “ Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime” re-titled “I Need You Lovin”. This was followed by “ So Pure” which also reached number 3. Other hits followed including a top 5 album “Deliverance”.

Baby D is constantly performing at venues and raves all over the country and abroad.

Frankie Bones

Since the beginning of dance music culture, Frankie Bones remains known as an instrumental force. He’s recognized for birthing the rave scene in America in the early 90’s with his unique contributions to music, paired with a resilient New York attitude. He’s helped drive the scene forward for more than three decades and in 2017 his legacy is only getting stronger. It all began when he was flown out to the U.K. in 1989 to play a sunrise set at ‘Energy’ to 25,000 ravers losing their minds, (a morning still at the core of his inspiration for every live set.) You can still hear this passion in every full-on DJ mix or production which pulses from his now seasoned electric touch.

He’s the first American DJ whose success hit hard in the U.K. allowing a pioneer tour across Europe. His 1989 release “Call It Techno” became a cult classic in Germany, and his “Future Is Ours” and “My House Is Your House” became the official names of the 1991 and 1992 Love Parades in Berlin. His influence on the scene extends beyond the music.


Greenbins career as a DJ stretches right back to warehouse parties that brought about a cultural revolution in the North of the UK in the late 80s and early 90s. He was a regular DJ at those parties, and also a resident DJ at a small, but legendary club in Blackburn called Monroe’s in 90-91.

From Monroe’s other residencies and guest spots soon followed at venues such as Sequins, Zone & Jooce in Blackpool, Angels in Burnley, Manhattan Heights & Peppermint Place in Blackburn, Quadrant Park in Liverpool, Revenge Parties, Blackburn warehouse parties, 808 State Show on Sunset FM, Maximes in Wigan, Manhattans in Southport... to name just a handful.

Greenbins was also an original resident DJ on Friday nights with DJ Welly at the Pleasuredrome, and was also to feature heavily when the night was moved to Trafford Park and became Life at Bowlers.


When one refers to an artist as ‘an absolute legend’, ‘Godfather’ or ‘international hero’; more often than not it can be a term applied by the support of loving fans Worldwide or in some cases media hype that pertains to the artist in question being somewhat exceptional in their chosen skill on a global level. ‘Godfather’ as many of those that have witnessed Francis Ford Coppola’s award winning cinematic trilogy of films of the same name will attest, can also refer to a Sicilian Crime Family Boss. Now, whilst the DJ and Producer and all round ‘international legend’ known as ‘Slipmatt’ has no affiliations with Sicilian families or crime (thankfully), he is most definitely in this case one deserving of the titles ‘Godfather’ and ‘Boss’.

Here’s the exception to the rule though, he did not give himself these names, these accolades were not created off the back of some 90’s hype campaign, the name Godfather – in reference to the ‘Godfather of Rave’ is a name he has worked very hard for nearly three decades to earn, and earn it he most definitely has.


SL2 aka DJs Slipmatt & Lime aka Matt Nelson & John Fernandez are one of the biggest original early rave names in the business, and they are still going strong. They have performed all over the world in front of crowds up to 100,000 people, playing all the major raves in the early nineties and also spinning the decks across every continent all over the UK. Their tunes still get played everywhere from the most underground rave events right through to the commercial clubs and still get regular plays on Radio 1 and prime time TV.

SL2 started making music way back in 1986 when they bought their first drum machine, a Roland TR505, and teamed up with North London rap duo Gino & Mikey. This music was very raw and basic back then but after endless blagging they still managed to get played in their local nightclub in Tottenham. In 1988 Matt & John met a crew from Ilford which included Devious D and the man who went on to be SL2's MC, the man like Jay J. They produced a variety of rap and Hip House recordings together but this was more of a learning curve for the team rather than serious production.

Dream Frequency

Mention the name DREAM FREQUENCY to any old skool raver and the ‘legendary’ status and ‘Masters of the Old skool ‘will be spoke about, They are one of one of THE ORIGINAL Rave PA’s taking so many nights to the highest level with there visual and energetic performances! Formed in 1990 Ian Bland started Dream Frequency and released the single 'Live the Dream' (name taken from the infamous Blackburn rave at the time) which gained underground acclaim. and signed to XL Recordings.

Then with Singer Debbie Sharp on board Dream Frequency’s next 2 releases are Rave anthems, 'Feel so Real' and 'Take Me' and an album One Nation and singles ‘Good times’ both reached the top 30 of the UK national charts in 1992/93.

The band have performed at many of the Legendary Rave events including- Street Rave , Bowlers , Hanger 13, The Metro, The Fubar, Circus Circus, Amnesia, Galactica , Fantazia and Rezerection , Kelly’s to name a few and still play currently at all the major old skool events!

Ellis Dee

From outdoor raves to basement dives, Ellis Dee has been doing the business for well over 25 years now, yet he's still searching out fresh music and is just as committed to injecting passion and energy into the dancefloor. It was back in the early days of warehouse parties that he really made his name, co-promoting the Rave at the Cave with Chalk.E White. Also used to host a show on Sunrise FM. Ellis Dee became a headliner at events like Perception World Dance and Fantazia. As well as DJing, he also began to make his own music as part of Rhythm Section with breaks godfather Rennie Pilgrem.

From acid house to hardcore to drum & bass and most recently breakbeat, Ellis Dee has always managed to stamp his own style on whatever he turns his hand to. Ellis Dee records on his own label, Point Break, with co-owner Syrus. TCR, as well as recording on various DNB projects with long- time partner and fellow DJ, Swan-e.

Nebula II

Nebula II are Joachim Shotter & Richard McCormack.

The duo first came to light in 1991 with Seance (featuring the rave anthem Atheama on the b-side) which was released on Reinforced Records. The following year saw a steady flow of breakbeat rave tracks, such as Flatliners, C.O.D. Rider, Peace Maker, X-Plore H-Core and two remixes of their debut Seance / Atheama release.
Following the success of their releases Joe & Richard, along with MC Rimz & Dancer Peter 'E' started off the North's first Hardcore club in Doncaster. The Warehouse (BYO) became one of the best venues in the country.
After a few releases the newly expanded Nebula II set up the Volt company which then set out to release the finest & purest techno releases possible. Over 100 releases came out of this company in the next three years with artists including Arcana, Spy, Coca, Force Of Nature and of course Nebula II.
The next phase was of course a brief step into the world of drum & bass. Nebula II produced several records for Mickey Finn's Urban Takeover & alongside MC Magika won the Diesel Nu-Music 2000 award for best breakbeat artist (voted by legendary label Moving Shadow). They also held numerous events with Nottingham's own Jungle master MRB.

House Crew

The House Crew was just the pseudonym for the Production House label's own crew. The first House Crew hit in 1989, All We Wanna Do Is Dance, was written by Jamal/Jones/Malkani. After the release of Keep The Fire Burning in 1991, Floyd Dyce settled on the House Crew alias and had more hits with We Are Hardcore (a collaboration with Acen Razvi) and The Theme. Original member and frontman Nino (The Gun, Future of Latin, Euphoria-Nino's Dream) went on to write, produce and remix hits for Baby D, Eternal, Peter Andre, Darkman, D.M.S., Sarah Cracknell from St Ettienne, X-static and Acen.


Undoubtedly one of the leading lights in the Drum & Bass scene, Nookie, aka Cloud Nine/Second Vision/New Balance (along with Blame), is London/Herts DJ / producer / artist / remixer Gavin Cheung.

To his credit is 'Give a little love', one of the first underground rave anthems, which came out on absolute 2 records then re-released on Reinforced Records in 1993. 'The sound of music', another early rave anthem from 'The return of Nookie EP', also issued by Reinforced records was to catapult him into the limelight, 'Snow'/'Jazzmin' on Moving Shadow, one of the first tunes to use a real jazz double bass. He was also running his own label in the early nineties (Daddy Armshouse Records) with his long-time friend Pedro, and had a number of releases to his credit.

Top Buzz

DJ/producers from London UK.

Their first set was in 1989 at Turnmills, where they were on the same bill as Guru Josh. Their big break was when they played for Amnesia House at the Sky Blue Connexion in Coventry in 1990.
Top Buzz were instrumental in the transition from hardcore to jungle by pioneering and pushing the sound that was then called 'Jungle Tekno'.

Zero B

Oldskool legend Zero B first surfaced in 1989 in the North East of England, playing raves and clubs such as Butterloggie, Rezerection, Streeetrave, the legendary Club Havana and The Blue Monkey. Leading the charge though the pioneering Weir FM radio show Top Rankin with DJ Huey, his reputation as a dancefloor destroyer spread across the country and soon he was being booked to play some of the biggest raves, underground clubs and dance events of the early 90s. Wigan Pier, Leeds Warehouse, Heaven, The Sanctuary, Bowlers, Glasgow Arches, Coventry Eclipse, Brixton Academy, Raindance, Fantasia, Circus Circus, Kellys Portrush and The Arena to name but a few, Zero B stormed them all.

First released in 1990, the seminal oldskool tune Lock Up from the Module EP, mixing early breakbeat, a fierce dub-influenced bassline, bleeps and anthemic breakdown, was picked up by FFRR records in 1992 and propelled into the UK Top 40. It is now considered by UK drum and bass pioneer, Goldie, to be one of the Top 10 most influential British underground dance tracks of all time.

Stephen Brown

With his first EP being signed to Djax along with a further 8 releases, an EP rated in the Top 20 of the Music Magazines Top 100 1996 (where his talent was compared to that of Chicago innovator LIL’ LOUIS, 2 EP’s with the LEGENDARY Transmat Label, and a successful record label of his own, and stacks of new releases coming soon…’s safe to say Stephen Brown is Techno Royalty!

Jerome Hill

Details coming soon.

Pete Orme Awesome 3

DJ Pete Orme (Mr Orme) started his career around the Manchester House scene in 1987 working his way round the underground clubs playing new music from Chicago and Detroit.

Before too long he was playing bigger gigs in Manchester then playing shows for Kaos and Universe (Leeds) eventually building his name and skills up to becoming resident DJ at The Man Alive Club famed for Sacha, Nipper 808 DJ's.

By 1990 he had become a household name around UK venues and began to travel weekly across the UK doing bigger shows. In 1991 he Joined Awesome 3 famed for legendary rave tracks " Hard Up" Freedom Of Life", "Pin-Up" and "Possessed" all of which were big massive hits.

Mark XTC

Mark XTC (Xtra Tuff Cutta) started his DJ-ing career at the tender age of 15 playing in places such as Sequins (Blackpool), Fantazia, Mythology and The legendary Hacienda, where in the late 80’s he won the North West DMC DJ Championships.

He then started producing his own music with his DJ group “The Mix Factory” (of Sunset 102fm) where his mix of the Mix Factory track “Take Me Away” reached number 41 in the UK singles chart and also gained some good success in the American charts. As well as producing music with the Mix Factory he teamed up with Manchester DJ legend Jonny J to create “The Family Foundation” with MC Shine and Manchester vocalist supreme Rachel McFarlane, they went on to create dance floor smashes express yourself, one blood, someday and of course 10 snide E.


Details coming soon.

DJ Faydz

Faydz began his DJ career during the explosion of the early 90's UK Rave scene (originally going by the name Dark Fader) and has headlined all of the iconic parties over the years including Dreamscape, Fantazia, Raindance, and Slammin' Vinyl. His unique style of fusing the art of Hip Hop turntablism with the energy of electronic dance music, has elevated him to become one of the leading artists in the world of rave and why he's the man of choice for the legendary 2 Bad Mice (Bombscare - Moving Shadow Records) as scratch DJ on their Live PA's and music productions.

Whether he's digging out the finest Old Skool classics or the freshest upfront tracks, his energetic sets are in regular demand at events up and down the UK and internationally. His turntable skills have taken him as far as Australia and across Europe to countries including Germany, Greece, Holland, Poland and Spain. He's also a firm favourite every year in the party capital of the world Ibiza.

Blapps Posse

Details coming soon.


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